The nitrogen-Sulphur (NS) fertiliser with yellow granules

OCI Dynamon is an integrated nitrogen-sulphur fertiliser (from OCI Nitrogen) and is recognisable by the added yellow granules. Dynamon stands out by combining nitrogen and sulphur fertilisation in a single granule, resulting in enhanced nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). OCI Dynamon is hard, homogeneous, round, smooth, and dust-free, making it a high-quality and widely spreadable product, suitable for spreading over large widths exceeding 50 meters.

Choose Synergy for Optimal Efficiency

OCI Dynamon represents the ideal nitrogen-sulphur fertiliser, merging the advantages of an optimal nitrogen-to-sulphur ratio of 4 to 1 with the optimal share of a 50% ammonium and 50% nitrate based nitrogen source. The application of Dynamon ensures a reliable supply of sulphur for most crops until the time of harvest. The positive synergy between sulphur and nitrogen can be expected to result in optimal yield and high quality.

Benefits of Dynamon:

  • Increased nitrogen efficiency by combining Sulphur in order to get a synergy effect
  • Optimal N/S ratio for all crops
  • Directly available nutrients for the crop
  • Minimises ammonia losses
  • Uniform, hard, round granules with an even distribution of N and S
  • Recognisable by the yellow granules that represent the always consistent quality
  • Uniform spreading pattern over wide widths (> meters)
  • Targeted supply of sulphur for optimal yields and high quality