Dynamon: the ideal fertiliser for very wide spreading

Engrais Dynamon

Dynamon is the new OCI’s nitrogen-sulphur fertiliser, recognisable by its yellow granules. With 24% N and 7% S (16% SO3), Dynamon has an ideal N/S ratio.

Physical characteristics of this product :

Loos bulk density : +/- 1.100

Mean particle size : 3.80 mm +/- 0.2

Fluidity : 4.59 kg/mn

Particle size distribution : 1.58 mm

Hardness : 7.21 daN

How this product can be spread ?

This is what we wanted to measure with the French Cémib bench at INRAE.

The aim is to measure the product’s spreadability. Dynamon was compared with Nutramon, the benchmark product on this bench.

The Cémib bench can be used to measure spreading curves in 3 dimensions.

The aim of the project is to establish the spreading performance of two products (NUTRAMON and DYNAMON). The physical characteristics of these two products are measured (laboratory and video granulometry), then surface spreading measurements are carried out on the CEMIB bench, with different discs from the RAUCH AXIS 50.1 spreader. These were used as a basis for analyses using INRAE’s specialist software, giving performance data for all standard agricultural working widths, and then for defining the maximum permissible widths (CV<10%) for the various disc/product configurations.

In the case of the Cémib device, angular distribution measurements are carried out. This device is positioned around the spreading disc. It includes 18 regularly spaced compartments (every 15°). The spread granules are captured over a total angular sector of 270°. The flow opening time is set so as to spread less than 5 kg over the entire collection sector. The spreader has been designed with a single fixed drop point and is equipped with a single disc (single-length radial vane).

Below: Spatial layer represented in 3D and with the distribution of the two discs in operation (simulation by symmetry of the layer obtained on one side). It is also possible to measure this overall layer directly by feeding the two discs.

The 4 S4, S6, S8 and S10 discs were tested on the Rauch AXIS 50.1.

These discs allow working widths from 18 to 50 m.

Results: Dynamon spreading performance

The graph below shows the best trajectory measured for each width between 1 and 60 m, with the best possible setting for the degree of ejection (0° for the AXIS 0 setting and 47.5° for the AXIS 9.5 setting). This makes it possible to extract the maximum permissible width to maintain a CV<10%. In the following case, with the machine fitted with S 10 discs (working widths given by the manufacturer 32-48 m), the curve shows that a CV < 10% is maintained up to a working width of 52 m, but also a CV < 15% up to 54 m.

Source : Dynamon Cémib results n°18881 Disc S10 P983 PTO 540

Dynamon compared to Nutramon :

As a recognised benchmark product, Nutramon has excellent spreading properties, enabling it to be spread evenly over very wide areas. The graph below shows the same settings with the 2 Dynamon and Nutramon curves. The blue and orange curves stop as soon as the CV value exceeds 10%. There is very little difference between the 2 products.

Whatever the used disc, S4, S6, S8 or S10, the spreading curves for the 2 products show the same granule ejection angles.


Tests on Dynamon confirm its excellent spreading properties at all working widths measured, including very large working widths of over 50 m.

This is thanks to its physical characteristics, especially its regular particle size (average diameter of 3.7 mm), its high density (1.07 kg/l), its particle size distribution (1.58 mm) and finally its particularly high hardness (over 7 kg). The measurements carried out show a strong similarity in spreading capacity with our recognised Nutramon reference. Dynamon is therefore also a benchmark in terms of spreadability. These results will be confirmed during field spreading if the basic settings of each machine comply with the manufacturer’s data, and if the width setting is also as indicated in the setting table. You can find the Dynamon spreading tables of your spreader on the manufacturers’ websites using the following link:

Spreading tables – NutriNorm

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