Adjusting your spreader properly

To maximise the effectiveness of fertilisers and obtain quality harvests, it is crucial to adjust your spreader correctly. Every parameter counts in maintaining homogeneous coverage of the field. It is vital to set the working width precisely, depending on the type of fertiliser and environmental conditions (wind, humidity). In addition, an appropriate flow rate in relation to the speed of the machines ensures uniform distribution of the fertiliser. This is calculated by taking into account the density and air resistance of the granules. Modern tools such as flow proportional to speed control can be used to automate this process.

To avoid over-fertilised or under-fertilised areas, make sure that the fertiliser is evenly distributed: a stable and horizontal flow over the entire treated surface. To achieve this, it’s important to maintain the spreader always in good condition and to check the hitch, discs and tyres pressure before each pass. By investing time and attention in adjusting the equipment, not only can yields be improved, but the environmental impact can also be reduced by minimising fertiliser losses.

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